• Public lecture:
    September 6 2012
    time: 6:30pm
    Kemper Museum
    St. Louis MO.
  • Seminar:
    September 8,9,10 2012
    time: 10 – 4:00pm
    Art Alliance
    St. Louis MO.

  • Seminar:
    September 13,14,15 2012
    time: 10 – 4:00pm
    Copenhagen Denmark

  • Seminar:
    September 29,30 2012
    time: 10 – 4:00pm
    Kendall College of Art
    Jewelry department
    Grand Rapids MI.
  • Seminar:
    October 13,14 2012
    time: 10 – 4:00pm
    Bianca Lopez Studio for Jewelry Art and Design
    New York NY
  • Seminar:
    March 2013
    Dallas TX Metal Guild
    Place: TBA
    Time: TBA


Charon Kransen ( b. Holland 1950, resides in New York City) has worked in the field of contemporary jewelry since 1969. He received his training at the Bezalel Academy of Fine Arts Jerusalem Israel, Fachhochschule fuer Gestaltung Pforzheim Germany and at Juhls Kautokeino Norway.

Professor of Jewelry (and Enamel) Design at the University of Utrecht Holland; Head of jewelry and enamel department at the Art College Amersfoort Holland; President of the VES ( Dutch Jewelry Designers Organization) and lecturer at universities, colleges and art organizations internationally.

Curator, art-dealer and agent for over 150 international contemporary jewelers (mostly non-Americans) in North-America at various galleries and art fairs such as the Chicago Art Fair SOFA, New York Art Fair SOFA, International Art + Design Fair in New York, and Palm Beach 3 SOFA Art Fair FL. And SOFA West Santa Fe.

Charon Kransen also distributes about 800 titles of books and catalogs in the field of jewelry/metal/design and his array of international titles are considered the most comprehensive in contemporary jewelry/metal/design.

He has juried Talente and Schmuckszene in Munich for many years.

For the past 15 years he has lectured on contemporary jewelry and gives master-classes to students and professionals in the USA, Europe, Australia and South America, His master class is based on the concept of encouraging jewelry artists to work from their unique talent instead of relying on the more common route of commercial work that is often dictated by main-stream demand/taste.

His premise is that most artists are ill prepared in matters relating to professional life in their relationship with galleries, dealers and clients. The seminar focuses on issues of: identity, recognition, success, clients, collectors,” the market”, ethics, presentation and galleries.

To that end, he directs discussion around central themes of dealing with how galleries work, what their motives are, how they select work, how they develop a vision, and how the artists develops contacts with the gallery, with the client and with the dealer.

Other topics include:

*How to* have a good relationship with this population and discuss issues freely?

*How to solve* problems as they arise and learn how to deal with them and/or avoid them?

*How* to develop skills to have a more satisfying, creative and rewarding (also financial) professional life?

*How to* focus attention on questions such as “where would I like to be in the field”.

*How to* be part of an international marketplace.

The 2-3 day seminar has received critical acclaim for its inspiring and empowering discussions and career development.

Language: English, German, Dutch, French or with translator.

Size group: 25 max. Time: 10am – 4pm

A third day can be added in which the work of participants are critiqued.