Alina Jay


1968, Melbourne, Australia

Training / Education:

  • 2003
  • Diploma of Information Technology (Multimedia Integration), The Australian National University (ANU), Canberra Australia
  • 1998-2001
  • Bachelor of Arts (Visual) Honors Gold and Silversmithing, Canberra School of Art, ANU Canberra Australia
  • 1995
  • Certificate in Small Business Management for the Visual and Performing Arts, New Enterprise Initiatives Scheme (NEIS), Melbourne Australia
  • 1994-1991
  • Bachelor of Visual Arts Gold and Silversmithing, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT), Melbourne Australia
  • 1989-1990
  • Bachelor of Education in Visual Arts, The Melbourne University, Melbourne Australia

Work Experience:

  • 2002+
  • Studio, Queanbeyan Australia
  • 2001
  • Lecturer, lost wax casting workshop, Canberra School of Art, Canberra Australia
  • Guest Lecturer, lost wax casting project, Canberra Girls Grammar, Canberra Australia
  • 1995
  • Technical assistant, 'Daintree' mural assembled in Melbourne, installed at the Brisbane International Airport, Australia.

Exhibitions (Solo & Group Shows):

  • 2004
  • "SOFA" (group), New York Art Fair, June NY USA, repr. by Charon Kransen Arts
  • "Metal Elements Exhibition" (group), Quadrivium, May Sydney Australia
  • "Palm Beach Contemporary Art Fair" (group), January, West Palm Beach, Florida USA , repr. by Charon Kransen Arts
  • 2003
  • "HERE AND THERE (HAT)" (group tour) UK/Australia Jewellery Exchange and Exhibition Project: 2003-2004 UK Tour - School of Jewellery Birmingham; The Hub Sleaford; The Winchester Gallery; Blackpool Gallery. 2005 Australia Tour scheduled for Jam Factory Contemporary Craft and Design, Adelaide, Object: Australian Centre for Craft and Design, Sydney, Monash University, Faculty of Art & Design, Faculty Gallery, Melbourne. (catalogue)
  • "SCHMUCK" (group) Special show of the 55th International Trade Fair Munich Germany (catalogue)
  • "Jewellery Exhibition" (group), February, International Design Center Nagoya Japan
  • 2002
  • "RINGS" (group), November, Gallery Funaki, Melbourne Australia
  • 2001
  • "Graduating Students Exhibition" (group), Canberra School of Art Gallery Canberra Australia (catalogue)
  • "20:01" (group), Canberra School of Art, Canberra Australia (catalogue)
  • "31@20" (group tour), exhibition of past and present students of the Gold and Silversmithing workshop, Canberra School of Art. Goldschmiedehaus, Hanau Germany; National Taiwan Craft Research Institute; Tainan County Cultural Affairs Bureau; Craft ACT Canberra; Craft West Gallery Perth Australia. (catalogue)
  • 2000
  • "Emerging" (group), Gallery Funaki, May, Melbourne Australia
  • "DARKROOM" (group), Craft Victoria website, Melbourne Australia
  • 1996
  • "Beyond the Green Door" (group), First Site, RMIT Union Gallery, Melbourne Australia
  • "The Toy Project" (group), recent works by RMIT Gold and Silversmithing students, Customs
  • House, Melbourne Australia
  • 1995
  • "Graduate Metal 6" (group), Meat Market Craft Centre, North Melbourne Australia
  • 1994
  • "Fresh!" (group), Craft Victoria Student Awards, Craft Victoria
  • "to wear to use to hold" (group), Graduates of Gold and Silversmithing RMIT, Reserve Bank Foyer, Melbourne Australia
  • 1993
  • "MINE" (group), Graduating RMIT Gold and Silversmithing students, RMIT Faculty Gallery
  • 1992
  • "1st and 2nd year RMIT Gold and Silversmithing students" (group), RMIT Faculty Gallery
  • 1991
  • "window display" (group), Daimaru, Melbourne Australia

Awards / Grants:

  • 2003
  • Here and There (HAT) Jewellery Exchange and Exhibition Project. Three month artist in residence grant at the School of Jewellery, Birmingham UK. Co-funded by the Australia Council and North West Arts Manchester, UK.
  • 1993
  • Koonung Mullum Forestway Association Photographic Competition. Agfa Award for two categories.
  • 1991
  • Tool Traders Award for best 1st year student, RMIT.


  • 2004
  • HAT Room Brochure, Craft ACT, June
  • 2003
  • 'HAT Project' exhibition book and catalogue of the 18 residencies, The Australia Council and North West Arts Manchester, UK.
  • 'Canberran in jewelry exchange' Newspaper article - The Canberra Times, July
  • 'Alina crowned a star in the making' The Chronicle' Newspaper, April
  • 'SCHMUCK 2003' Exhibition Catalogue, Munich, March
  • 'Jewellery Exhibition' - Exhibition Catalogue, International Design Center Nagoya, Japan February
  • 2002
  • 'Lure of the rings revealed when placed on fingers' CRAFT Review: 'RINGS' Exhibition, 'The Age' Newspaper, November
  • 2001
  • Graduate Exhibition Catalogue, Canberra School of Art, ANU, November
  • 2000
  • '31@20' - Exhibition Catalogue, Canberra School of Art, ANU, November
  • 'Emerging' Exhibition press release, Gallery Funaki, May

Artist Statement:

I produce mainly one-off and limited editions of small scale jewelry forms and objects. The unconventional use of the ceramic slip-casting process gives me the freedom to reproduce, manipulate and assemble forms quickly and allowing me to work directly with forms as they materialize. The completion of one piece informs the approach to be taken with the next, producing families of forms with shared and opposing qualities.