Andrea Borst


1965 born in Munich, Bavaria, Germany


  • 1984 Secondary School Diploma in Munich, focus in Fine Arts and French germany
  • 1985-87 University of Munich, majoring in Art and Music Education and Psychology. Germany
  • 1987-90 Goldsmith Training at the Glass and Jewellery Crafts Academy in Neugablonz, Germany
  • 1991 own studio/workshop
  • 1992 first time participation at IHM (Internationale Handwerksmesse - International Crafts Fair) Munich, Germany
  • 1995 first time participant at Ambiente Fair Frankfurt; member of the BKV (Crafts Association of Bavaria)
  • 1999 membership in GEDOK (Association of German Female Artists)

Selected Shows:

  • 1996
  • "Das Ornament", Ambiente Fair Frankfurt, Germany
  • "Dannerpreis '97", Neue Sammlung Munich, Germany
  • 1997
  • "Korallen", Meiling Knibbe Gallery, Edam, Netherlands
  • "Im Blumengarten der Schmuckkunst", Opened at the castle of Wels, Austria, subsequently toured Gemany and Austria
  • "Form 97", Group Exhibition at Tendence Fair, Frankfurt, Germany
  • "Nova Joia", Group Exhibition Barna Joia, Barcelona, Spain
  • "Sofa", Chicago Art Fair, USA, repr. by Charon Kransen Arts
  • 1998
  • "A Matter of Materials", toured USA and Canada, burated by Charon Kransen Arts
  • "Form 98", Group exhibition at Tendence fair, Frankfurt, Germany
  • 1999
  • "Form 99", Group exhibition at Tendence fair, Frankfurt, Germany
  • "Dannerpreis ´99", Regensburg, Germany
  • "Rotunde 1999", Museum für Kunst und Kulturgeschichte (Museum of Art and History of Civilization), Dortmund, Germany
  • "Zeitlos aufgefädelt", Handwerksmuseum, Deggendorf, Germany
  • 2000
  • "Sofa", New York, repr. by Charon Kransen Arts USA
  • "Form 2000", Group Exhibition at Tendence fair, Frankfurt, Germany
  • 2001
  • "Form 01", Group Exhibition at Tendence fair, Frankfurt, Germany
  • 2002
  • "Schön und Gut" BKV 150th Anniversary Show Stadtmuseum Munich, Germany
  • "75 Jahre Gedok" GEDOK 75th Anniversary Show Munich and Deggendorf, Germany
  • 2002
  • "Glas trifft Porzellan" (Glass meets Porcelain) Galerie J.Prüll, Weiden, Germany
  • "Dannerpreis ´02", Coburg, Germany
  • 2003
  • "Form 03", Group Exhibition at Tendence fair, Frankfurt, Germany


  • 1999
  • Catalogue to the exhibition "Zeitlos aufgefädelt" (Timeless), Deggendorf, Germany
  • 2000, May
  • Glashaus "Glasperlenschmuck heute 1"
  • 2004, July
  • Kunsthandwerk & Design "Verspielt und humorvoll - der glässerne Schmuck von Andrea Borst"

Artist Statement

Flowers, insects, all kinds of plants, sea-animals or even clothes - the Necklaces and earrings made from glass beads individually hand-crafted in the fire of an industrial-degree welding lamp. The beads are connected by finest stainless steel wires; the necklaces are closed by pure silver clasps.

The ornaments are based on forms that we find in nature; the jewellery is colourful, delicate and fancyful.