Daniela Osterrieder


1973 Weilheim Germany

Training / Education:

  • 1993-1996 ”Fachschule für Glas und Schmuck“ Educated to be a silversmith Kaufbeuren Germany
  • 1995 +2000 seminar „design of jewellery“ Erico Nagai Akademie for design Munich
  • 1999 master diploma of the gold and silversmith trade Munich
  • Work Experience:
  • 1996-1998 Workshop at gallery Perlinger Munich Germany
  • since 1999 cooperation with Prof. Hermann Jünger in his workshop near Munich
  • since 1999 self-employed in own workshop Weilheim Germany

Exhibitions (Solo & Group Shows):

  • 2001 “Talents” exhibition at IHM Munich Germany since 2000 exhibition participations in several galleries in Europe and USA

Artist Statement:

The simple form with a secret - that is what I am searching for