Linda Hughes

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Linda Hughes

1953, Warwickshire, England
1983, Australian citizen

Training / Education:
MA Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University (RMIT) Australia
BA (1st class Hons) RMIT, Australia
2000 Completed 1st Year Sculpture, BA, RMIT, Australia
1st Year English, Political Science and Psychology (OU, UK)
Architectural Illustration, College of Art, Warks, UK

Work Experience:
2010, Seminar (presenter), Making Objects Personal, RMIT University, Vic., Aust.
2010, Craft Victoria Exhibition Advisory Panel, Vic., Aust.
2009, Lecture (presenter), BIAD (Birmingham Inst. of Art & Design) Birmingham, UK.
2009, Lecture (presenter), Art Forum, Australian National University, Canberra, ACT., Aust.
2009, Assistant Teacher jeweller, CAE Adult Learning, Vic., Aust.
2008, Lecture (presenter), Archiving styles, Lunchtime Series, RMIT University, Vic., Aust.
2007, Seminar (presenter), Making Personal Object, RMIT Aust.
2006, Lecture (presenter), Edinburgh School of Art, Edinburgh, UK.
2005-8, attended: JMGA Vic., Melbourne Conference, Aust., JMGA NSW Conference, NSW.,
JMGA SA Conference, SA., Aust.
2005-7, JMGA Vic., Newsletter Editor, Melbourne, Aust.
2005, Workshop (presenter), First Year Experience, BUDA, Castlemaine, Vic. Aust.
2005-10, Attended Workshops: Robert Baines, Nicholas Bastin, Peter Bauhaus, Doris
Betts, Pearl Gillies, Wayne Guest, Nicole Jacquard, Manon van Kouswijk, Charon Kransen,
Sally Marsland, Mascha Moje, Celia Roach, Sarah Ross, Matthew Spaccatore, Beatrice
Schlabowski, Bettina Speckner, Blanche Tilden, Jason Wade

Exhibitions (Solo & Group Shows):
2010, Metonymy - Look Both Ways, The Jam Factory, Adelaide, S.A., Aust.
2010, Metonymy - Look Both Ways, Craft Victoria, Melbourne, Vic., Aust.
2009, Signwear, Craft Victoria, Melbourne, Vic., Aust.
2007, Shared Zone, Studio Ingot, Melbourne, Vic., Aust.
2005, Topiary, Craft Victoria, Melbourne, Vic., Aust.
2004, The Real Thing, The Edge, RMIT University, Vic., Aust.

Group: (selected)
2011 SOFA West Santa Fe, repr. by Charon Kransen Arts USA
2011 SOFA NY, repr. by Charon Kransen Arts USA
2011, TOPOS, Gallery Loupe, NJ, USA. Galerie Marzee, Nijmegen, Holland. (2009)
2010, RMIT/Siemens Fine Art Scholarships, RMIT Gallery, Melbourne, Aust.
2008-10, National Contemporary Jewellery Award, Griffiths Reg Art Gallery, NSW., Aust.
2010, Workshop Bilk, Canberra, ACT., Aust.
2010, Treasure House - Australia, Galerie Handwerk, Munich, Germany
2010, Toowoomba 20th Anniversary Exhibition, Toowoomba Art Gallery, Qld, Aust.

2009, Precious Pendants, Object Gallery, Sydney, NSW., Aust.
2009, Jewellery TOPOS, RMIT Union (Arts) First Site Gallery, Vic. Aust.
2009, Contemporary Aust. Silver & Metalwork, BUDA, Castlemaine, Vic. Aust.
2008, Australian Jewellers, SOFA, New York, NY, USA, repr. by Charon Kransen Arts USA
2007-9, SOFA, New York, Chicago, Palm Beach3. USA, repr. by Charon Kransen Arts USA
2007, La Trobe & Darebin Biennial Art Prize, Vic., Aust.
2007, Conrad Jupiters Art Prize, Gold Coast Qld, Aust.
2007, 8 + 1, Interieur Gallery, Amsterdam, Holland.
2006, International Graduate Show, Gallery Marzee, Nijmegen, Holland
2006, Metalsmith 'Exhibition in Print', USA.
2006, City of Hobart Art Prize, Hobart, Tasmania, Aust.
2006, New Design, Object Gallery, Sydney, NSW., Aust.

Awards / Grants:
2010 & 2006, RMIT/Siemens Fine Art Scholarship Finalist
2006, RMIT Postgraduate Scholarship
2006, Object New Design Finalist
2005, The Filippo Raphael Fresh Award
2005, Toowoomba Contemporary Wearables Award

Collections (Private & Museum):
2008, Musee des Arts Decoratifs, Paris, France
2007, Art Gallery of South Australia
2007, David Montague, New York
2006, Diana Morgan Collection
2005, Toowoomba Art Gallery, Qld, Australia

2010, Audio Design Museum, Melbourne, Vic., Aust.
2010, Treasure Room - Australia/Schatzkammer Australien, Aust. Scholarly Publishing, Vic., Aust.
2009, '500 Plastic Jewelery Designs', Lark Books, Asheville, NC, USA
2009, Melbourne Design Guide, Alphabet Press, Melbourne, Vic., Aust.
2009, Handmade in Melbourne, Slattery Media Group, Melbourne, Vic., Aust.
2009, Compendium Finale of Contemporary Jewellers 2008, Darling Pubs. Germany
2008, 'Sunday Arts' 01, ABC, Melbourne, Australia, (2008)
2008, '500 Pendants', Lark Books, Asheville, NC, USA,
2006, '500 Necklaces', Lark Books, Asheville, NC, USA,
2005, 'Object Magazine', Issue 49, Emerging Artist Design Award, Aust. Centre for Craft &
Design, Sydney, NSW, Aust.
2004, Hughes, L. 'Can we discern the fruitful from the cul-de-sac?', In: Baines, R. &
Errey, S., JMGA Conference - 'Inherited futures: technology to trap ideas. RMIT Press,
Melbourne, Vic., Aust.

Recontextualising the cautionary sign
Cautionary street signage is designed to scream its presence; it is rich and compelling in the landscape yet with familiarity can remain invisible amid the sheer everydayness of the streetscape. Lifting familiar motifs into a jewellery context re examines the subject, shifting the iconography into fiction and may only tenuously be connected to the original.

The abstracted jewellery form carries symbolism and colour codes from the street. The intention is to elevate the commonplace which may lead to a compelling presence as jewellery.
Placed on the body the work does not assume adornment, but invites attention and reflection on the continual commentary that directs the traveller.
Bold, 'Stop the traffic', wearable pieces reflect the complex theatre of public space.