Till Baacke


1976 Stuttgart Germany

Training / Education:

  • 1998-2001 Berufskolleg für Design, Schmuck und Gerät, Pforzheim Germany
  • Since 2001 Fachhochschule fuer Gestaltung, Pforzheim Germany

Exhibitions (Solo & Group Shows):

  • 2003 "Tendence" (Group show), Frankfurt, Germany
  • 2003 "Designer Saturday" (Group show), Stuttgart, Germany
  • 2004 "Inhorgenta" (Group show), Munich, Germany
  • 2004 "Hermsen" Gallery (Group show), Wiesbaden, Germany
  • 2004 "ilios living-art" Gallery (Group show), Corfu, Greece
  • 2004 SOFA New York repr. by Charon Kransen Arts

Artist Statement:

The basic idea of my work is to create objects that have a very special meaning for their wearer like an amulet or a talisman. Every piece should define itself by this meaning and its individual shape regardless of its material value.

My favorite material is stainless steel because of its robustness, its special colour and the softness of its surface.